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Golf Clones, Golf Knock Offs, Golf Copies have been around for a while. And no, I'm not talking about illegal patent and trademark infrindgement copies - the kind that would say Nike on it although it didn't get produced and sold through Nike. I'm talking about the clubs manufactured from companies such as Turbo-Power and Integra. No matter which way they are described or called, (I personally like to call them "Comparable To" clubs) these clubs are "copies" of what the big oem manufacturers (nike, taylor made, callaway, ping, etc.) are selling. Some manufactuers like the fact that there are "copies" available and some don't. These clubs do have their place in the industry. If you only have a $249 budget for a set of irons, you are certainly not going to be able to afford $799 for a set of Taylor Made irons. However, getting a set of "Clones" or "Knock Offs" or "Copies" of the Taylor Made irons is within your budget! Some people are afraid of "Clones" or "Knock Offs" or "Copies" thinking that their quality is not the same. Well, guess what! Most of these clubs are made in the same manufacturing facilities as the oem companies! And made from the same materials! Now sure, there are going to be some slight differences but it's going to be real close! So close in fact, that if you were standing 20 feet away, you would still swear up and down that your buddy was hitting the Taylor Made irons! So, I feel like that is still a tremendous gain for Taylor Made and other oem companies... if someone is thinking you are hitting Taylor Made irons but don't know that you are actually hitting a "Clone" or "Knock Off" or "Copy" then that's still got everyone thinking and talking about Taylor Made... heck, I wished that worked for my stuff! haha

On the other side of that circle, if you are the one hitting "Clones" or "Knock Offs" or "Copies" of the Taylor Made irons, your buddies are going to think you spent the big bucks! But let's not really hope that is why you are playing them.. you see besides the money savings, there is a real advantage to getting "Clones" or "Knock Offs" or "Copies"! You see, "Clones" or "Knock Offs" or "Copies" are really only found at custom golf club shops! These guys and gals that run and own custom golf club shops fit you to the clubs! They take the time to get to know you and your game and make the clubs custom to you! And all for around your $249 budget! You know, just depends upon which head, shaft, and grip combination you end up with. You get added value there, and in many many cases a better club, as the time of just walking into a "big box" golf store and purchase a set of clubs off the rack is gone. Get a custom fit set of clubs within your budget. You will play better.

To find the latest "Clones" or "Knock Offs" or "Copies" take a second and visit or

About Joey O'Connor Joey O'Connor has been playing golf since 1973 and has been a professional in the golf industry for 20+ years. He is a nationally recognized golf instructor and custom club builder, he is a writer, and he is the current editor of Golf Club Business ( He has been a technical representative for various golf manufacturers and organizations including, Goldwin Golf and Golf Digest Sports Marketing handling demo days for Titliest, Mizuno, and Ram Golf and he has also been the Head Golf Professional of Custom Club Golf based out of Lexington, North Carolina and then he was the owner of their Winston-Salem, North Carolina location. Joey still resides in Greensboro, North Carolina where he was born and raised. He can be reached by email at

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Golf Clones, Golf Knock Offs, Golf Copies - what are they?
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